The difference between Attitude and Ego………..


Attitude,Inspirational Pictures, Motivational Quotes and Thoughts,egoThe main difference between Attitude and Ego is that :
“Attitude makes u diferent from others,
While Ego makes u alone from others…”

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8 Responses to The difference between Attitude and Ego………..

  1. Tushar Maroo says:

    just going through quotes….find your blog, its really awesome…. :) )

  2. abhay singh says:

    thanks for such wonderfull thoughts….

  3. Vivek narain says:

    Nurturing a reflex attitude to effect harmony is essential for evolution

  4. chandrakala says:

    it is really inspirable. your blog will definitely shines

  5. avinash jha says:

    Hey…good job mam…inspirable thots..nce d bst…

  6. Deepika aggarwal says:

    If people give explanation on each ad every topic while they are wrong so what to do? Because if I said something it must to get fight between both of them ! And I can’t take it more easy and as a funny way more so what to do?

  7. Deepika aggarwal says:

    Second people is showing each ad every day there attitude so why I don’t show my attitude ad ego ?

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