Love needs no learning;Love is an experience; Good Morning


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I am bad in English,
But I can tell you that I LOVE YOU..

I am bad in Geography,
But I can tell you that YOU LIVE in MY HEART.

I am bad in History,
But I can tell you the day I FIRST SAW YOU.

I am bad in Chemistry,
But I can tell you what my REACTION is when I SEE you SMILE.

I am bad in Physics,
But I can show you the INTENSITY of SPARK in my EYES when they SEE you.

I am bad in every subject,
But I can tell you that I can pass ALL SUBJECTS, if YOU were the TOPIC………

You don’t need someone to complete you . You just need someone to accept you completely. Love needs no learning. Love is an experience.

Wishing you Love & Happiness in your life …

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