Short Inspirational Story with powerful moral


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It’s not about the money that make us rich ,
It’s about the simplicity of having GOD in our lives…
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17 Responses to Short Inspirational Story with powerful moral

  1. subhashini says:


  2. selva says:

    very beautiful story..nice lesson..

  3. keerthana says:

    very nice story idhu namaku nalla lesson nice dad nice son

  4. piyush bafana says:

    nice story

  5. Arpan Chamling says:

    Gr8t story i like it :)

  6. Maddy says:

    Very Nice stories… :-)

  7. shrishti says:

    learnt a lot frm ds stories

  8. Abhishek says:

    I am gonna speak this one on stage…… Awesome!!

  9. babu vara prasad Eda says:

    i am going to teach our school children these stories

  10. Tulasi says:

    Good inspirational story for all age group.

  11. Pratiksha says:

    Very nice and meaningful stories with a good moral which shows us the true picture of life.

  12. molly jain says:

    these stories r so nice and motivating

  13. rosy says:

    wow these r really very motivating

  14. suresh kumar says:

    superb stories………

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