Short Inspirational Story with powerful moral


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It’s not about the money that make us rich ,
It’s about the simplicity of having GOD in our lives…
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73 Responses to Short Inspirational Story with powerful moral

  1. subhashini says:


  2. selva says:

    very beautiful story..nice lesson..

  3. keerthana says:

    very nice story idhu namaku nalla lesson nice dad nice son

  4. piyush bafana says:

    nice story

  5. Arpan Chamling says:

    Gr8t story i like it 🙂

  6. Maddy says:

    Very Nice stories… 🙂

  7. shrishti says:

    learnt a lot frm ds stories

  8. Abhishek says:

    I am gonna speak this one on stage…… Awesome!!

  9. babu vara prasad Eda says:

    i am going to teach our school children these stories

  10. Tulasi says:

    Good inspirational story for all age group.

  11. Pratiksha says:

    Very nice and meaningful stories with a good moral which shows us the true picture of life.

  12. molly jain says:

    these stories r so nice and motivating

  13. rosy says:

    wow these r really very motivating

  14. suresh kumar says:

    superb stories………

  15. varsha says:

    it’s really an awesome story

  16. anjali says:

    I’ll say these stories to time squandering people.

  17. simra says:

    nice and interseting

  18. naveena bhashini says:

    so sweet

  19. bhashini ken says:

    this story shows that even god doesn’t want poor to be a poor…

  20. nihithan says:

    the story was nice we should be wise

  21. shiva sankari says:

    nice n superb

  22. sumin raj says:

    inspiring stories

  23. sumin raj says:

    these are stories from which we get motivated &try to fallow it

  24. it’s the best moral for all ages. It’s really inspire me to have such a deep thought

  25. RM Rex says:


  26. Pushpa says:

    Getting so attracted to it and all the people must and should know that moral in their lives

  27. shireesha says:

    very nice

  28. zaeema says:

    very nice

  29. apsana chaulagain says:

    not bad its nice n intresting th gud moral

  30. kuengax says:


  31. Pon Prabhakar says:

    Really meaningful with practical lessons

  32. nagaraju says:

    plz understanding every rich people in this story,, superrrr story.

  33. Asmi says:

    I loved this story ……….Really inspirational !!!

  34. ash says:

    its awsome……… very very motivational! its great. thanks for posting such a beautiful story!

  35. buddha priy ananda says:

    thease stories are very motivetional and thought changing

  36. A. Kirankumar Singh says:

    i shall be grateful if you send me the story.

  37. Anita says:

    Really very nice Stories… Useful time spend with your site… Thanks

  38. Anita says:

    Really very nice Stories, useful time with your site…

  39. Anandhi.s says:

    it’s absolutly nice

  40. Angelin Gifty P.R says:

    Awesome & heart touching stories

  41. Angelin Gifty P.R says:

    Interesting and meaningful stories

  42. Bright Sam says:

    It’s wonderful.

  43. khushal says:

    a very nice story . This explains that money is not everyone

  44. nimisha says:

    Totally different it is affective…
    Nice one

  45. hossein says:

    A nice story. Tnx

  46. Enguibe Newme says:

    It really nice and teach me a lesson alot.
    And i learned alot.
    This story is also my weapon sometime which is good to teach the children.

  47. celeste says:

    this is so interesting story for all!!

  48. ranjeet kumar singh siwan bihar says:

    This short story is very nice that I can do somthing in my life

  49. Siddhartha Maitra says:

    Thank You. Copied it for my school project and a very good moral.

  50. Althea Aavah Mae A. Olaivar says:

    thank u for the moral..

  51. priyadharshini says:

    awesome story…..
    i loved it…

  52. nice story i like it i will be share with my freinds

  53. Erhe says:

    Very nice story..

  54. bhavana says:

    a marvellous story

  55. GUDDU KUMAR says:

    A very very interesting and moral giving story.

  56. uday says:

    heart touching stories

  57. Sujitha says:

    Very like it this story Super’p:)

  58. Yadnesh dalvi says:

    I’m gonna read this story on stage

  59. Silvana Salvarani says:

    I’m charged of education and nowadays that everything is money, business, shopping, to have material things just for having them and accumulate, it’s more important to learn about spiritual sensations. And God gives you that: you feel in the soul the richness, the sublime and supreme happiness through faith.

  60. sakshi says:

    amazing story. i like it.

  61. soumya says:

    i lv’d dis story so much……..we get gud thought frm dis story

  62. Mairez Coolet's says:

    ” Life is a battle of survival”…
    Mairez Coolet’s

  63. Mairez Coolet's says:

    ” Sunrise is going to come all you need to do is wake up”…
    Mairez Coolet’s

  64. Mairez Coolet's says:

    very nice story…

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