GREAT ATTITUDE:~Inspirational short story


Inspirational short story ,Quotes ,attitude,honey beeGREAT ATTITUDE:~

Once a bird asked a Bee, after a continuous hard-work, you prepare the honey.
But a man steals the honey. Do you not feel sad?
Then the Bee replied: Never… Because a man can only steal my honey not the art of making honey..!!

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10 Responses to GREAT ATTITUDE:~Inspirational short story

  1. sreenivas says:

    stories are really heart touching

    • Hema rajesh says:

      The stories are simply superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyond words to describe the motivational, emotional qualities. I use many of them as starters in my class especially with teenagers who find it very touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the great work going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. sashi gupta says:

    its amazing

  4. Mala Ahmed says:


  5. shrini says:

    amazing fact

  6. Moses Okumu says:

    so awesome….

  7. Rakhi Sharma says:

    Fantastic ….bcoz. …It’s our attitude which tells us abthat our character. ….

  8. srikanth reddy says:

    hidden truth is awoked

  9. Angelin says:

    Thanks for the lovely story. Its really useful for my school assembly.

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