Top ten famous quotes of Swami Vivekananda


Swami-Vivekananda Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Thoughts

Top ten famous quotes of Swami Vivekananda

1. 3 GOLDEN RULES from Swami Vivekananda

Who is Helping You, Don’t Forget them.
Who is Loving you, Don’t Hate them .
Who is Believing you, Don’t Cheat them.

2. Anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually and spiritually, reject as poison. Swami Vivekananda Motivational quote

3. Talk to yourself at  least  once in a Day.. Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an            EXCELLENT person in this World…

4. Relationships are more important than life , but it is important for those relationships to have life in them…. ~

5. You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. Swami-Vivekananda

6. Like me or Hate me,
both are in my favor,
If you like me I am in your Heart,
If you hate me I am in your mind. –

7. BY the study of different religions we find that in essence they are one.

8. Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being.~

9..Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals place them day and night before you and out of that  will come great work.

10. Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being.~

Swami-Vivekananda Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and Thoughts

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229 Responses to Top ten famous quotes of Swami Vivekananda

  1. Habib karemano says:

    The nearest temple to find God. My heart & yours. I like that.

  2. Gurpreeet kaur says:

    Yes it is right, i agree……,i really like all thoughts of swami vivekananda….

  3. Vijay Vimal says:

    I really like all thoughts it is very helpful to survive in this competitive world

  4. R.sasinthararaj says:

    swamijis thought always great. …

  5. I will try to follow rules of swami vivikanand.

  6. HARISH says:

    Great things will come with the Great sacrifices ….. if you give your seconds so you able to learn from these Diamond words.

  7. P. V. RAMANA KUMAR says:

    i like it . these type of quotes are useful for better life in better way…………………………………….

  8. ANIL AGARWAL says:

    vivekanand is my ideal

  9. Geetha.Kalamalla says:

    really that missunderstandings quot tought me the real lesson of keeping relationship strong..

  10. sana says:

    very nice

  11. vigyan jolly says:

    it seems that there are no words to express d depth of swamiji”s quotes

    • Mr. Sushanta Chakraborty says:

      Do not express by words only, when words fail, express with your deeds & by having faith on him. It is pure bliss that you will experience.

  12. manoj dixit says:

    Help other god can help u…

  13. kamal says:

    I will follow these from now……

  14. Dr Sajal Debnath says:

    i like all quotes of swami vivekananda. i am the disciple of swami vivekananda

  15. dr purnima bandari says:

    i liked all the quotes of swamy vivekananda

  16. satyam kumar says:

    thanks to swami ji for these life guiding thoughts.

  17. Pravin patel says:

    Swami vivekananda is The greatest extraordinary personality and master piece of India. Our all weaknesses disappear when we go through all his life works and vedanta messages.Having 26 diseases at that young age,he never uttered a single word of weakness.We also need to read about Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa at the same time. We are fortunate to have them in India. Sambhavami yuge yuge.

  18. amit kumar says:


    gives me lots of formula to find success so u all study and apply in your life

  19. Chetan says:

    Swami vivekanand is my fav……..

  20. Prabhavathi says:

    When u feel disheartened in life vivekananda teachings certainly will uplift ur soul

  21. Vishal says:

    Sharmev jayate

  22. Vishal says:

    I love modi very much seriusally

  23. Dr kalpana shastri says:

    superb thoughts

  24. ashutosh awasthi says:

    Genius work …
    my inspiration vivekanand ji…

  25. srinivas says:

    he work for society.we also work for society.thats the inspiration of vivekanada.

  26. Bose kani says:

    I am very like. All these quotes are useful to everyone’s life.

  27. suresh says:

    Thoughts are very inspiring

  28. Sushen Ghosh says:

    Amar guru

  29. says:

    The speeches are very inspirational even for present generation

  30. Nishimukta Pattanaik says:

    these quotes give innerstrength to a hopeless & helpless

  31. radha nagari says:

    all thoughts are amazing

  32. mageshmagesh says:

    swami thougt like a story

  33. somashekar says:

    these thoughts are very interesting

  34. RASHMI says:


  35. divya says:

    Don’t hate any one

  36. Siddesh B N says:

    Special gift and youth power quoteion

  37. AKANKSHA JHA says:

    Swami vivekanand was really a lion-hearted man…. His every sayings are true and too much inspirational….. HE WAS A GREAT MAN, YAAR!!!

  38. AKANKSHA JHA says:

    swami vivekananda wz a dynamic personality yaar!!!

  39. Shruthi ms says:

    It is very pleasure to to tell about swamy because he is a great man we can’t express hi in 26 letter of English alphabet he love like a mother love to her kid

  40. kumar vivekanand says:

    Who created the whole universe out of the knowledge of the vedas.” No one has ever seen the composer of the vedas.”and it is impossible to imagine one.the rishis were only the discovereres of the mantras of eternal laws; they merely came face to face with the vedas, the infinite mine of knowledge, which has been there from time without biginning.

  41. pooja says:

    this thought was so nice

  42. Every quotation’s inspired me and when i get time in my hand,i try to study of Swamji’s quotation

  43. Nishith Saha says:

    All is well

  44. shantveer says:

    Youth yearning optimistically upon truth hidden

  45. Faisal khan says:

    I don’t want thousands of friends on Facebook nor do I want thousands of followers of Twitter. I just want a real friend like you. Thanks for being present in my life, all the time, all the way.if you have good friend say like this (& please don’t hate any body thanks..

  46. subrata maji says:

    Every man needed to flows swami ji

  47. hariom gupta says:

    i reaLLy grEaT thoghT of swAmi vivEkAnaNd jiiiii so evEry persoN requirEd To foLLow swAmi jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  48. OM: Silence is a solution ………to any inner quest.

  49. lavanya says:

    Everyone should fallow these quotes to know reality of life

  50. amit gupta says:

    All thought of swamiji is more power full in human being life so all person should be absorbed in mind

  51. siva nandha says:

    swami vivekanandha is a great person. iam following in the quotations of swami,i like the helping nature

  52. sivanandha says:

    iam following in the quotation of swami. iam feeling helping nature is very very important in a life

  53. c m bishnoi says:

    Swami vivekananda’s life and thoughts always give me power…

  54. vinod nikule says:

    try to obey all thought

  55. Dyuti Mazumder says:

    His ideals are trully enlightening and have helped us to overcome many difficulties in life….he has solution for every problem.

  56. Rohith Acharya says:

    A person who want to achieve something in his he should read the quotes of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA
    really it is very inspiration to all People

  57. Nandish Gowda says:

    everyone should follow swami vivekanandha’s thoughts to be a successful man in society……strength Is in goodness and purity I luv swamiji <3

  58. Santpal Prasad says:

    After reading i am very happy..and i want to say that who want be hero in any field please read swami vivekananda….

    • Mr. Sushanta Chakraborty says:

      Swamiji did not want to be a hero. As goes the saying : It is simple to be great but it is great to be simple. He was as simple as one can be. He had faith on His Guru Sri Ramkrishna, and believed in himself.

  59. Vaibhavi sheth says:

    I like all quotes of Swami Vivekananda.
    I will try to follow rules of Swami Vivekananda.

  60. Manju says:

    I am a trying to follow his quote and getting result, Inspires me always when I read Swamy vivekananda messages.

  61. Gopal says:

    I like swami thought. These are very helpful in life & every stages.

  62. Srinivsan S says:

    There is no more words to say, only to follow these rules to become a great man

    Have a Great and meaningful life with grace of Swami Vivekananda for everyone

    Thank you,
    Srinivasan S
    98845 44111

  63. BALBIR YADAV says:

    If u born poor, it’s not your mistake but if u die poor,it’s your mistake.

  64. nagaveni says:

    these quotes are very helpful in life & every stages.Everyone should fallow the quotes to know real results in your life. he is my role model

  65. sushmitha H.S. says:

    this thoughts are helps in motivate every person I am also impressed by this thoughts

  66. Praveen says:

    The one if followed can uplift the whole human race

  67. mamatha.h says:

    it is beautiful thoughts useful to all

  68. om says:

    nice….. I’ll follow it.

  69. Anish Raja says:

    every one should read his quotes once in a day.

  70. mukesh bist says:

    Swami ji always directed other without interest

  71. faiz says:

    Really nice collection, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  72. Chandana C says:

    Wonderful thoughts

  73. Chandana C says:

    10 golden rules are really wonderful

  74. Sathya says:

    You are great so your thoughts are great

  75. Amulya bhavani says:

    To achieve success in life ….we have to follow the wonderful person swami vivekanandha …. thank u for inspiring the youth….hat’s off to ur thoughts and quotations….these r true nd awesome quotations…..thank u so much:)

  76. sanjay says:

    very good quots from swami vivekanand.nd he was very great.we will follow this for our good life.

  77. amit singh says:

    Swami ji once said:- “Shake-off all Inertia”.

    Can anybody explain it to me.

    • Aakanksha says:

      Shake off all inertia means “To use all energies to develop yourself, to expand heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.Every day think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.”

  78. amit singh says:

    I love vivekanand from my childhood. I love him them than anything in this world. I m still amazed that such a special person was on the earth. Wow…he was superb not because he was brave saint but because of that he shows us the way to over come all miseries of life by morally spritually Strong. I m speechless…what to say about my hero… i love u my lord…. muahhh….
    :* :★

  79. swami’s quotations are wonderful.If we stick to these motto our birth will be fulfilled and we will get”NIRVANA”.

  80. Madhusudan says:

    Wonderful. I try

    no..mould my life as such.

  81. ch Tata rao says:

    S,good..i request my children&frnds too ..

  82. Subhash Chand Bhumla says:

    In Realty , Swami ji quotation gives +ve Vibs…when you are in trouble…..

  83. nanda says:

    yes i like his social service

  84. Vijay Kumar says:

    Really from the core of my heart its the purpose of my life.

  85. sanjeev sah says:

    I salute to swami vivekananda

  86. ahireen says:

    its really best qoutes of our life

  87. ahireen says:

    really dz is d bst quotes of my life

  88. shireen says:

    no one can denied tht

  89. Meenal says:

    I like it very much and hope everyone follow them

  90. Shubhi Verma says:

    I like these quotes. These inspiring quotes help us in our life……

  91. suravi mohapatra says:

    swamiji is like my swami.It means, i like him,love him,respect him ,follow him,as we do with our own swami. In other words he is my idol and my life also.His words give power strength for struggle in life.HEARTS UPP.

  92. jagdish pawar says:

    So nice and none any other can judge swamiji except god

  93. Shashi says:

    My inspiration……….swamiji

  94. s.Rambabu says:

    Heart touching quotes , frnds read ds quotes dly once we can change our life soooooooooooo………Niceeeee

  95. s.Rambabu says:

    Frnds I say swamy vivekananda’s quotes in Gandhi Hospital to every Doors & Wall’s
    BY ds we can understand what the quotes are those……

  96. goldie singh says:

    Every quote of swami ji is just suparb …..very much link to the life :-)o_O

  97. prem says:

    I like these inspiration quets.whenever i read thought of swami ji then I always cry.

  98. ahmed says:

    sawmi vivekananda aii idea is good and true iam following please your follow

  99. Shivam Mishra says:

    Swami ji is a great person.

  100. Swami Vivekananda is my Idol. Really great man

  101. hasmukh jain says:

    I want to say all the world swami vivekanand was a so groovy people and his comment were so good and he doesnot mortify the any small small people and her thought were right hand in our world people finally he is cool person in all over the world

  102. Rohit Mahamuni says:

    swami vivekanand was briliant person and their thought , living , if you seen then you completely imprees thats type of swami vivekanand realy telling very much I like swami vivekanad nobady comparegion with swami vivekanand that everyone enspire from swami vivekanand if know all india if see their carecter then india too change thax.

  103. jitender kumar mishra says:

    swami vivekanand is my ideal, i wiil follow his all ruls from now
    My inspiration……….swamiji.

  104. sagar deore says:

    My Ideal person……………………..jay gurudev…

  105. manoj says:

    Vivekananda the great

  106. sourav kumar says:

    Yes…really swami gi was the greatest person in whole world….

  107. CA Mohan K Patidar says:

    Swami Vivekanandjiis my ideal.

  108. bhanu says:

    wonderful words

  109. Sanjay says:

    yes we can do anything but before that we have trust ourselves

  110. Ravi kr says:

    No body can’t across his life,because he got more achive infew life-time.

  111. Pushkar dubey says:

    My goal is to be swami.
    Certainly you will help me for achieving this goal.
    You are in my heart,mind and soul.
    I can leave everything even life for you.
    I LOVE YOU…You r my everything.

  112. Kasaveni rajender says:

    If we follow these things in our goals .we can easily achieve.

  113. bhushan kasar says:

    I follows these things becouse.Whenever I read swamijis thought,that time my heart creates a new work…

  114. abhishek.go says:

  115. gopinath dharua says:

    I like quotes of swami Vivekananda …for which my partner s like&and my life change for her motivate through swami ji

  116. Gangaraju.a says:

    swami vivekandda is graetest person in world. because realy i m follow from swami thoughts.

  117. KALI CHARAN NAIK says:

    swamiji is such a great person which has deposited in the sands of desert like the grain of gold.

  118. Sibuni says:

    Firstly thank full to god bcz its type of supreme man was born in India….I LOVE SWAMI JI…………………………..

  119. vivek mahatha says:

    i like vivekanand

  120. He is the one who teaches the way to reach our destiny ……
    i really wanted to be a sucesfull follower of swamy vivekananda …

  121. kapil vallecha says:

    This is a tremendous though for human life.

  122. shan gopal says:


  123. Akshay says:

    I was fallow this thought’s

  124. R.Prabhudas says:

    I want to give awareness of this 10 quotes to all.

  125. R.Prabhudas says:

    Swamiji is my ideal.


  126. Dhanush Devaray says:

    Truly inspiring thoughts energises the soul….

  127. N SIVA REDDY says:

    if any human want to live with peace. just follow his principles…..

  128. D.Raja says:

    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA is in my heart..

  129. Santosh Nevuri says:

    Swami Vivekananda quotes really great and these quotes will be understood only person will give importance to soul than body.

  130. sovan says:

    Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals place them day and night before you and out of that will come great work
    …….What a great thought Swami Ji….

  131. sovan says:

    Anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually and spiritually, reject as poison. ———What An indea Swami Ji……………………

  132. chandru says:

    He says lot of wonderful quotes .so I slaut to swami

  133. rekha says:

    am very big fan of swmi sir

  134. vamsidhar reddy says:


  135. Jaswinder says:

    Best thoughts

  136. Surya Prasad says:

    Wonderful quotes

    These powerful quotes by swami vivekananda inspire me how to control the mind and be cool whatever situations may be wonderful feelings

  137. Rohan Biradar says:

    these are powerful&best thoughts

  138. Dr M S Rana says:

    Vivekanand is the soul of India. Everyone can get everything by follow him.He was areal Saint.I honor him and solute him.His teachings should be added in academic courses.

  139. Prakashbhai jadav says:

    Really vivekandji both way to right path way of the life ..iff we can adanstand and follow this though … Life can be imporovement at this situation of lifeeee..

  140. chindam ramesh says:

    This quotes is very well

  141. sushma says:

    It is very inspirational.Hats off to swami vivekananda for such inspirational quotes

  142. kishore chandra das says:

    Swami vivekananda the golden soul in this earth i like there thoughts believe very much

  143. Shivaji Wagh says:

    Yes I am proud fill I borne in Swami Vivekananda country



  145. jayalekshmi says:

    sir a great salute to you because you are the one who know the real knowledge about life

  146. srinivas says:

    Great swami vivekananda throuts and questions I am proud Indian

  147. shashi shukla says:

    I like it very much as it help me to sole problems in my life

  148. JEEVAN BR says:

    swami vekananda is Inspiration to me..Iam now spiritually strong..

  149. honey says:

    Strength is life………weakness is death

  150. honey says:

    Super hero swami vivekananda

  151. SHANTANU ROY says:

    like me or hate me..i like that quotes..

  152. Chatterbhuj says:

    Gurudev, the greatest saint of India. I love your thoughts lots. Every indian should be proud to be be have such a great personality in India.

  153. N.Gokulakrishnan says:

    You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul; Talk to yourself at least once in a day….Every one should keep in mind and follow swamiji’s these quotes to know the reality of life…

  154. amit kurmi says:

    My ideal swami je

  155. Sachin singh rajput says:

    Love is better than hate

  156. gaia says:

    yes,it is the most helpful site,though we connected to god also

  157. i inspired —this is our indias wealth– i am so very late

  158. Anish Raj says:

    we are not only read these thoughts;
    we are follow the instruction of thoughts……,

  159. Prabhakaran says:

    Living just 39 years, what a great contribution Swami Vivekanand made to humanity! His words are inspiring even after 150 years. They are eternal. Such men are God’s gift. Every youth shall follow his words and life to find peace.

  160. Saroja karem says:

    I’m tooooo inspire about his morals.he was role model in my life

  161. sisir biswal says:

    I really like these Motivational Thoughts.

  162. Anand kumar sharma alok says:

    A most nice and knowledgfull person of his time.All of youth must follow them. I love Vivekananda jee.

  163. No one can think this type of thought s v ji

  164. mahesh pai says:

    Sawmy u r great

  165. Swarna says:

    We have to salute him……there can be none like him…..he is the one who can teach us what is life what is it filled of…i am ur real follower..

  166. I am very much thankful as i born in Great Cultural India. Its need every one must take inspiration of swamiji, and spread thoughts world wide.

  167. Very very Thanks swami vivakananda your inspiring most of peoples like that

  168. nanju k r says:

    swamy …………we miss u n this century

  169. anand kumar says:

    Swami vivekanand’s thought is very massive and his thought inspiring all the humans especially of students.all persons can achieve their aim or goal in their life,when they apply his thought in real life..

  170. Ganesh Birajdar says:

    Everyone should have one ideal (ADARSH)in his life and he should learn from his life . And try to aquire some qualities from his life .And should make efforts to achieve ones goal.

  171. anu nandhini says:

    I love swami Vivekananda’s thought’s

  172. Joy Puthussery says:

    I happened to read Swami Vivekanand’s Quotes last week, and since then over and over again I am going through it, it is all so meaningful and to linger on it in mind, it needs repeat reading, though one can understand it in one reading. A human being of amazing intellect !

  173. bablu kushwaha says:

    i like every quotes of swami vivekanand jii

  174. prashant says:

    I like …swami vivekanand .quotes

  175. shalini says:

    truth lies in his thoughts…. so his thoughts are still alive even after so many years of his death… there is no death for thoughts and soul they keep travelling. Death is only for material bodies.

  176. mamatha.g says:

    swami vivekananda is a role model for many youths one who follows vivekananda i’m sure they will succeed in their life…

  177. sameer says:

    God God God you God

  178. Neelubhavya says:

    I inspired by the quote of i consciousness, acceptable to physical and mental activities.

  179. sumit pandey says:

    swami ji is a great person to the world

  180. manish sharma says:

    I also like Swami vivekanand he was really like god . when i depresd that time i read those thoughts i get possesitive way.

  181. manish sharma says:

    I also like Swami vivekanand he was really like god . when i depresd that time i read those thoughts i get possesitive way.

  182. vivek maurya says:

    You are in my heart

  183. vivek maurya says:

    You are in my heart swamiji

  184. I love Swamy Vivekananda

  185. no comments only three words, love him forever

  186. kendre satyanand says:

    he was a very intelligent so we can study about his thought

  187. manjunath says:

    I also like Swamy vivekananda he was really great

  188. Raghunatha G says:

    I am very happy and interesting when I am reading the SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’s I am deside most promiss to follow such a great man.

  189. devashish says:

    Swami Vivekananda ji past, now is the time and the time God

  190. PREMCHAND MAHTO says:

    I love to swami vivekananda too much

  191. rrp says:

    I like to follow the thoughts of swami Vivekananda.

  192. Devid koranga says:

    I says very nice fully person I like that

  193. Krishna gadriya says:

    It was awesome and my 3rd inspiration person of swami vivakand

  194. The top ten famous quotations are guide lines
    to all for better living .
    Can I get full application and explanations for adoption
    Of these sayings

  195. I want to know the proper explanations to adopt in daily life .
    If there is any literature to read , please let me know .

  196. NITESH GUPTA says:


  197. sandeep gour says:

    when i opened my eye at first time i saw my mom n i was weeping then at the same instance i see the thought oooooof swami vivekanand a sound come from the inner part of the body n says that come on never give up

  198. nithyasudeep says:


  199. rita turkar says:

    These quotes give direction to life n learn how to live.swami vivekanand ur great. I love him….

  200. Bharat Shirsath says:

    Yes swami Vivekanand was good person, i like him.

  201. Mahendra Mehta says:

    What a great personality he was. We indians are lucky that he was born in India. He has given priceless knowledge to the world .

  202. subhas says:

    Swami Vivekananda my life most important things. I like Swami Vivekananda advice.

  203. Rahul Bhattacharjee says:

    I am love guru Swami Vivekananda

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