A very happy Mother’s day- Dear mom


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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, is what I remember of yore,
unconditional love, is what I tend to forget more and more.

Unconditional love, is what held me tight,
unconditional love, is what gave me flight.

Unconditional love, is that engulfed me in your embrace,
unconditional love, is what I miss in open space.

Unconditional love, is what conjures in mind’s eye,
unconditional love, is what echoes when I hear your voice.

Unconditional love, is what makes me strong,
unconditional love, was the weakness all along.

Unconditional love, comes uniquely from one place,
unconditional love, in a mother’s heart finds infinite space.

A very Happy Mother’s Day- Dear mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

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