The ten virtues, vows towards self discovery ~ Jainism

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Jainism prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings.
Contemporary Jainism is a small but influential religious minority with as many as 6 million followers in India and growing immigrant communities in North America, Western Europe, the Far East, Australia and elsewhere (source ~ wikipedia)
Paryushana (or Daslakshana) is one of the two most important festivals for the Jains, the other being Diwali. Jainism encourages spiritual development through cultivation of one’s own personal wisdom and reliance on self control through vows (Sanskrit: व्रत, vrata)
The ten vows, virtues or dharma are as below:
1. Uttama Kshama – Supreme Forgiveness
2. Mardava – Tenderness or Humility
3. Arjaya – Honesty
4. Shaucha – Contentment or Purity
5. Satya – Truthfulness
6. Sanyam – Self-restraint
7. Tapa – Penance or Austerities
8. Tyaga – Renunciation
9. Akinchanya – Non-attachment
10. Brahmacarya – Chastity or celibacy
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