Good morning Dear Friends !!! Have a Wonderful Day

Dear Friends !!! Have a Wonderful Day

First and the most vital sign of life is – Movement , dead things don’t move ,they r to be pushed , pulled or lifted for shifting !!!!

God has given us this beautiful gift of LIFE so lets complete this wonderful journey with total faith and full potentials that he has instilled in us !!!! During this course we will come across a number of gud and bad experiences but don’t allow them to dampen the spirit and demoralize us !!!

Remember life is the sign of Strength to forge ahead and Reach the destination !!! Stagnation leads to staleness !!!! Light is at the end of the life’s journey and if we let the chains of worldliness entangle our feet and stagnate us we will never be able to see and experience the DIVINE light !!!! That’s the ultimate wish, Goal and destination of every life on earth !!!! God bless us all with strength and Happiness !!!!
( Dr K K Vaid ) .

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