How to Feel Happy and be positive ?

How to Feel Happy and be positive ?

Is the world wrong or is it just you ..

Do u constantly feel unhappy or frustrated. Like, always wanting something more, or to do something better.

I have noticed this kind of behavior in myself.
While I was in school I always wished that we would get holidays so that I could chill at home instead of spending time with the same people everyday.
While at work I want nothing more than to just be home. Everyday I wish that I wouldn’t have to come to work here and just enjoy some free time at home. I felt frustrated with the kind of work and the travelling.
Not that we are facing a pandemic, I’m again getting frustrated at home. All I can think of is going out and having fun or even work seems good now.

And then it hit me that the problem is with me. It’s not the others, or the place, or the circumstance. It’s just that I have become over dependent on others to make me happy. In such a case there will always be some condition that will cause unhappiness.

The problem is that we are no longer content with what we have. The grass always seems greener on the other side. If you start appreciating the little things in life, you will be more happy and more content. living in the present is the key.

Do not make your happiness conditional. Be happy unconditionally.

Do not give away the key to your happiness.

If you start enjoying your own company, you will never feel the want of having someone else making you happy. You will never feel frustrated or annoyed.
Just go with the flow and focus on bigger goals in life.

⁃ Rishika Jain

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