Don’t mix the words with your mood…..


Awareness Quotes - Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational ThoughtsDon’t mix the words with your mood Because U’ll have many options to change the mood, but U’ll never get any option to replace the spoken words.

Awareness Quotes - Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

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3 Responses to Don’t mix the words with your mood…..

  1. camy gill says:

    Hi! Daily i make it a point to go through your quotes, it gives me a way to live life in a more positive way, to get inspired to have positive outlook towards life and count my blessings! Thankyou so much. Love you.

    • Rishika says:

      Thank you Camy. Your support and encouragement keeps us going. Do spread the happiness among your loved ones. it brings joy.

  2. Bernice toews says:


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