12 tips for Happiness …..

Happiness Quotes, 12 Happiness tips, Inspirational Quotes, Happiness Pictures, Motivational Thoughts and PicturesYou can have everything and still be miserable. Or you can have relatively little and feel very rich. Happiness is a state of mind.

Develop tools for how to get it.These simple 12 tips can add quality to life….

1. Be Content – Live Simply – Exercise – Keep Healthy
2. Don’t Worry – Be Hopeful
3. Dream Big – Cherish Small Things
4. Laugh Loud – Let go of Ego – Be Humble –  Cherish Relationships
5. Cry – Listen to your heart – Experience Joy
6. Forgive – Free your heart from Hatred – Anger is the worst disease.
7. Expect Less – Give More
8. Learn from mistakes – But Don’t Rue
9. Be Kind – Seek Good in others – Be Trustworthy
10. Share – Keep abundance mentality
11. Express Gratitude – Be Graceful
12. Meditate – Contemplate – Seek within

Happiness– Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts and Pictures

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  1. These quotes are really inspirational and could define or even save a life depending on the mindset of the reader. I would appreciate waking up to one of these quotes every morning. Thanks.

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