For MBA studying friends – Marketing Lessons ….


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For all MBA studying FRIENDS
A Professor explained Marketing to MBA students
1. You see gorgeous girl in party,
you go to her & say I am rich marry me
That’s Direct Marketing.
2. You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you
tells her. He’ is very rich, marry him - That’s Advertising.
3. Girl walks to you & says u are rich, can u marry me?
“That’s Brand Recognition”
4. You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u
“That’s Customer Feedback”
5. You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband
“That’s Demand & Supply Gap”
6. Before you say I m rich, marry me, your wife arrives
That’s Restriction from Entering New Market.

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4 Responses to For MBA studying friends – Marketing Lessons ….


    very nice

  2. Roubian says:

    Man, my major for MBA was Marketing and i cant say any but that was the most easiest and effective way to teach marketing

  3. SUMAN DEBNATH says:

    very nice .

  4. VIJAY JADHAV says:

    Really Very Funny..

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