Simple precaution in Cough, Cold and Fever – Children


health advice,Home Remedies for Cold & Cough:tips,fresh tulsi ,honey, ginger juice ,mint and eucalyptuses leaves , grape juiceSimple precaution in Cough, Cold and Fever – Children

For children, simple precaution in Cough, Cold and Fever :

  1. Drink hot water with honey – 4 times a day.
  2. Hot milk (older children can have hot tea and coffee also).
  3. Hot soup, rice kanji.
  4. Gargling with hot water or salt-water.
  5. No bath for 2 days during fever. Next 4 days, no head bath, only a body bath. Later, head bath as usual.
  6. Air conditioning is to be controlled at 25 degree C in the day, 27 degree at night. In winter months, better to switch it off.
  7. No ice cream, cold drinks or cold fruit juices especially in winter.
  8. Warm clothing (sweater, head cap) while going to school in the winter months.

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