15 Uses for Coca Cola ~

Uses for Coca Cola ~

15 Uses for Coca Cola ~

Coca Cola is obviously a cool, refreshing drink that is not only well-known but has been around for decades has become a household staple. But did you know it has different uses other than quenching our thirst on a hot day? There are lots of great uses for Coca Cola; It’s a great tool for anything from cleaning to cooking to getting out a grease stain in your favorite shirt. Check out these 15 different uses for Coca Cola:

1.Remove Grease From Clothing: Empty one can of Coke into your washing machine along with your laundry detergent. Run on a regular cycle and you will have grease free clothing.

2.Clean Your Toilet: Pour one can of Coke around the bowl of your toilet, give it a scrub down and flush for sparkling results.

3.Laundry Smell Defender: One can added to your laundry can also get rid of a bad smell on clothing or linens.

4.Soft Skin: Adding one 1 tablespoon of Coke to your moisturizer can leave you with smooth and silky legs.

5.Gum Removal: Managed to get gum stuck in your hair? Dip the area in a small bowl of Coke, soak for a few minutes and the gum should lift right out.

6.Marinating Meat: Next time you cook a steak or any kind of meat you are marinating, add some Coke into the mix for extra flavorful meat.

7.Burnt On Food Cleaner: Soak your pans with burnt on food in a can of Coke and a small amount of water. Let soak and rinse to clean off the residue.

8.Slug & Snail Trap: Leave out a bowl of Coke to attract slugs and snails. The acid in the Coke will wipe them out once they get into the bowl.

9.Skunk Smell Removal: Been sprayed by a skunk? Shower with a can of Coke, attending to all the affected areas and let sit for a few minutes then rinse.

10.Jellyfish Stings: Coke is a great item to take to the beach in case of a jellyfish sting. Pour coke directly on to the sting to find instant relief.

11.Stomach Soother: Drink flat Coke when you have an upset stomach or nausea. It can be soothing and help calm things down.

12.Window Cleaner: Use Coke on your windows to get rid of grease and dirt build up.

13.Windshield Defroster: Pour a can of Coke on your icy window. Let it sit for a few minutes and the ice should remove easily.

14.Hiccup Cure: Gargling with Coke can cure nasty hiccups in no time.

15.Antiquing Photos: To create a sepia tone on photos or paper apply a small amount of Coke, pat with paper and leave it to dry.

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