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Did you know that eating certain foods at a given time in the day can help you shed pounds and keep your heart healthy?

Dieticians across the world recommend eating small meals at regular intervals during the day. Here are some tips to get you started:

• Breakfast @ 7 am: Pack in a protein punch for breakfast to keep you feeling full and energetic throughout the day.

• Snack @ 10 am: Have a fruit or vegetable salad for your fibre intake. Mix it up with protein content.

• Lunch at 12:30 pm: Include foods with extra protein such as legumes, pulses, soybeans etc . Pair these with sautéed veggies like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sliced cucumber, etc.

• Snack @ 4pm: Eat fruit, yogurt or a grilled cottage cheese sandwich to sustain your energy levels further.

• Dinner @ 7pm: Choose foods to create a healthy platter with one quarter proteins, one quarter whole grains and one half veggies.

• Midnight snack @ 12 am: If you’re burning the night oil, don’t stay hungry. Snack on something light like a glass of milk with 2 cookies, fruits or soup.

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  1. thanks for the nice post. its really informative. These tips create awareness over the people who skip their food. This is wonderful inormation.

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