Save girl child

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Save girl child…She is Precious….She is priceless
A | Friend | Wife | Sister | Daughter | Mother |

A Source of Life
When you kill a girl.. You kill many others..
Awareness Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

11 Replies to “Save girl child”

  1. Help her to see this beautiful world,this world is beautiful because she is present in it and she is making your life beautiful by playing a role of Daughter,Sister,Wife,Mother etc.

  2. Save girl child.Think of roses.Soft breeze.Melodious music.Fine silk.Exotic scents.They might remind you of a girl baby.She also represents family values.She is indeed precious

  3. It’s really a nice thought I’ve ever heard
    But really this person is really a good guy who has created this page
    Thanx for giving us such a wonderful thought
    Salute to u

  4. let her live , let her bloom
    let her shine like a beautiful moon.
    very rightly said female infanticide is a heinous crime.
    everyone wishes for a mother, wife, daughter, sister then why not a baby girl. she will also be a wife of someone in future. she will be also a daughter of someone and sister as well. stop this crime, female foeticide.

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