Save girl child

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Save girl child…She is Precious….She is priceless
A | Friend | Wife | Sister | Daughter | Mother |

A Source of Life
When you kill a girl.. You kill many others..
Awareness Quotes - Inspirational Quotes, Pictures & Motivational Thoughts

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6 Responses to Save girl child

  1. dhir bharat says:

    mind blowing pictures with exllnt thoughts must watch site….

  2. Annapurna Mohanty says:

    Help her to see this beautiful world,this world is beautiful because she is present in it and she is making your life beautiful by playing a role of Daughter,Sister,Wife,Mother etc.

  3. tarlika says:

    cute picture with beautiful thought excellent.

  4. sushma gunjal says:

    Really, excellent thought with cute picture.

  5. rakeshjain says:

    why people used to kill the girls?
    they are the futures.
    why the people are not understanding?

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