Do what you love to do …..By Rishika Jain

Do what you love to do ..

Keeping really busy in life ? Got no time at all ? Want to follow your passion but stuck in studies or work instead ?

These are the problems faced by most of the people right now. “lack of time to do what you love to do “
In life people get so stuck in there routine work that they forget what they actually love to do .
A passion , a hobby a yearning for some activity keeps you fresh and rejuvenated.

Life is a gift. We need to take out time to enjoy it . These hobbies act as stress busters and help you to be even more efficient .

Personally I love to sing and dance . I have deep passion for it . It makes me happy . I forget all my worries while dancing or playing my guitar. I have started a YouTube channel to keep creating and posting videos on dance and music but like all others even I am facing the problem of lack of time.
Over the time I have realised that this is what I actually love to do .. this gives me happiness .. initially it is difficult to take out time but incremental steps towards achievement of the task lead to great changes in the long run .

Many people are not happy with the daily work they are doing .
They just go to their work place, drudge, come back , and then repeat the same routine.
This kills creativity , innovation and passion for anything in life.

Be it singing dancing writing reading Sports art creating content , making a collection, listening , or even solving math .. whatever you love to do just go ahead and do it. Do it for yourself. Explore the world and try to make a difference in it .

Your mind body and heart deserve these little breaks in life , to really enjoy life.

You can shine bright among the masses only by doing what you actually love to do.

⁃ Rishika Jain

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